Nerve Dating poll: Would you date someone who didn’t believe in sex before marriage?

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Ah, waiting for marriage — turns out it's not just for teen-pop stars. Some people legitimately believe in buying the cow before they spend a lifetime resenting the milk for free. (Sorry, uh, product of divorce coming through.)

So we asked Nerve Dating members: would you go out with someone who didn't believe in sex before marriage? Your response was more evenly split than we expected, based on your past friskiness and taste in reading. 47% of you said you wouldn't wait for marriage, but that you would wait for love. These days, love is probably more valued as an institution than marriage, so it makes sense people would be more willing to wait for it. One Nerve Dating member who would wait for love said simply "sex isn't everything" while another added "I'd better REALLY like this person." I feel you — love is a three-week dinner-and-a-movie investment, minimum. 

35% of you were less inclined to wait, and answered that no, you wouldn't date someone who doesn't believe in sex before marriage. Nor someone who made you wait for love. One Nerve Dating member answered "Not EVER!!! Definite incompatibility issue. I am not condemning them or even me. It's just two differing points of view." Another Nerve Dating member was flabbergasted by the whole concept. "I have a really hard time relating to people who wait until they marry to have sex. What percentage of the US population even falls into this category?" I assume that's a rhetorical question, but in case you're actually wondering, according to USA Today, only about 5% of people wait till marriage these days. What has happened to our God-fearing country? It's like everyone expects handjobs at the very least. 

18% of you were more forgiving and said you'd be willing to to wait till marriage, for the right person. Though we're not sure you're all-in. One Nerve Dating member said they'd wait, but added that it was really a moot point since "no woman can resist my charms." Sure, sure. 

Want to meet someone who doesn't mind if they meet someone who's waiting for marriage? Nerve Dating's your place.