Nerve Dating poll: Would you date someone who doesn’t speak your language?

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Ah, l'amour. It's universal right? Apparently not if you don't speak French.

Miss Information gave some advice about language barriers this week. So we were wondering: would you ever date someone who didn't speak your language?

Nerve Dating members have never been a house so divided. 53% of you answered that no, you would not date someone who didn't speak your language. After all, how could you have a relationship without words? (I mean… use your imagination. But point taken.)

A nearly equal 47% of you said that sure, you would date someone who didn't speak your language. "Been there, done that. Will again," one Nerve Dating member commented. Another said they "wouldn't date someone who only spoke Klingon, but otherwise, we could learn each other's language over time." We're now picturing Lieutenant Worf looking forlorn, but that's just us.

Want to find someone who either believes in love sans frontieres, or who believes in the transcendent romantic power of the spoken word? Either way, you're in luck; head over to Nerve Dating and get started on that.