Nerve Dating poll: Would you date someone whose passions would often come ahead of you?

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This week, we printed a story from Kevin Smith in which the Clerks auteur said, "If folks wanted to share time with me or be in my world, they had to understand that film would always be my first love." We wondered, would most people date someone whose career, artistic, or other passions might come ahead of them?

So we asked Nerve Daters. And we almost lost a few of our editors, contributors, and janitorial staff to the massive wave of votes that someone with passion is a good thing. 87% of respondents said, "Yes, people with drive are attractive," with the remaining 13% saying they need the relationship to be the priority in their partner's lives. This, of course, comes from people voting with successful director Kevin Smith in mind; I wonder how the voting would have been different if it had been some guy with an Instagram problem who claimed his photography would always be his first love. 

Still, one of the minority voters asked, "Is that really a question that could be a yes?" This Nerve Dater not only puts love above all else, but is skeptical that others could really feel differently. And we'll be honest — we wonder if the "passion first" crowd would feel the same way by the twentieth time they're ditched for the editing room. But maybe the most practical response came from one career-minded majority voter, who remarked, "As long as I get a SAG card."

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