Nerve Dating poll: Would you ever date someone who posts naked pictures of themselves on the internet?

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Yesterday, we interviewed some people who have a penchant for posting naked pictures of themselves on the internet. One of the things we asked them was how it affects their "real life" relationships. We thought it was an interesting intersection of love, sex, and technology, so we threw the question to our Nerve Daters: "Would you ever date an internet exhibitionist?" 

A third of our Daters gave an enthusiastic "yes!", saying it sounded fun. One open-minded Dater said, "I do draw a line, but it's quite a trek to get there." Another said, "I don't mind if they have a look, don't touch policy!" Which brings to mind the philosophical question of representation of an item versus an item itself. Is sharing an image of your genitals the same as cheating? Or would you rather take the surreal Magritte approach? ("This is not a pipe.") Oh, the treachery of images. 

Almost 40% said "maybe." The "maybe" voting bloc split their reasoning between "If they don't show their face," and "If they stop when things get serious." One voter said "Don't buy the cow when you can see pictures of their tits for free," which might win the Most Confusing and Sort of Terrible Mental Image Award. 

About 30% said "absolutely not," with one voter noting, "I know from experience. It's a long story." I'll let you fill in the blanks. 

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