Nerve poll: Would you ever do a first date at home?

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This week, we ran a piece in which a young lady invited her date back to her house for snugglin' and Netflix. So we asked Nerve members if they'd ever do a first date at home. 

Now, look; we have to do the responsible parent thing and say that we don't condone the act of following a strange person to their home upon first meeting them. Evidently, our readers have remained cautious, as an overwhelming 79% of people responded with "No – come on, you've got to try harder than that!" Nerve daters want a little effort:

"Could work if you're 23."

"If it is suggested, the date would end before it started. Presumptuous much?"

For the 21% who answered "Yes – dating isn't as formal as it used to be, so why not?" we applaud your enthusiasm and ballsiness. The world's growing up and we have to grow up with it. Regardless, even those who answered yes choose to be smart about the person they go home with:

"I say yes, but I think it depends on how well you know them. If you were already friends, sure, but if it's someone you met out, I think going out is more appropriate." 

It's true; dating is no longer fries and a soda at the local shake joint, followed by a quick hand-hold at Make-out Point. On the other hand, it also isn't a bump of K off a hooker's ass and unprotected oral sex at Bad Choices Lane. It's all about finding the middle ground. If you need a partner to stake out that territory, you can meet someone new on Nerve.