Nerve Dating poll: Would you ever go with your partner to a strip club?

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There are so many romantic ways for a couple to bond. They can cook dinner, share some red wine by a roaring fire, and if they're really gross, give each other back rubs. Or they can go get some dolla dolla bills and head to the club. This week, a writer told us about her experience visiting a Mexican strip club. So we asked Nerve Dating members, would you ever go to a strip club with your significant other?

An experimentally-minded 88% of you said sure, it could be fun and sexy. One Nerve Dating member asked, "Why would I NOT do this?" while another helpfully suggested "Nomi at the Cheetah!" Still, many of you had some strip-club standards and clauses. One user clarified they would go, but "only if it were a male strip club. I like mah men in oil and thongs." Lots of Nerve Daters clarified that a strip club wouldn't be sexy, but it could be fun. (In other words, I'd do it, but I won't enjoy it.)

That prudish but honest 12% of you had your reasons for not wanting to visit the synthetic boob showroom. One user commented, "I've been and it's entertaining, but not sexy," while another said, "Strip clubs just aren't my thing." Fair enough. Back to that roaring fire with you.

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