Nerve Dating poll: Would you give a romantic partner your passwords?

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Remember the good old days when people got caught cheating the old-fashioned way? You've seen it in movies — lipstick on the collar, another woman's perfume, maybe even a handwritten love note?

Well, thanks to things like Facebook and unlocked iPhones, we're now able to catch our partners in the act faster than ever before. So we asked Nerve Dating members: would you ever give a romantic partner access to your Facebook account or email?

Not that we're accusing you of having something to hide or anything, but a whopping 70% of you answered "No, privacy's important."

You have your reasons. One Nerve Dating user commented, "My brother is now divorced. 'Nuf said." Another user said, "I've given my password to friends before, but I would never if a partner demanded it." Maybe it's less a case of having something to hide, and more about wanting someone to trust you not to hide anything.

30% of you said they would share their passwords because they have nothing to hide. One user said, "Just did it actually," while another said it was a non-issue because "why would I put secrets on something designed to share information?" Another Nerve Dating member said they'd share their password, "but I would be bummed if someone actually asked for it." Point taken. You give someone your heart, and they ask for your login in return. Kind of a buzzkill.

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