Nerve Dating poll: Would you marry someone to help them get citizenship?

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We all know the inflexibility of America's immigration policies. Those ambitious enough to break through America's considerable rampart usually have to enlist a company's support and then have their employer beg the U.S. government for a green card. Or, of course, they can try to break through another rampart; specifically, your pants. Let's say your Uzbek drummer boyfriend — a true keeper due to his "ability to multitask with every limb and [his] mind" — is having trouble getting a job at Merrill Lynch because his Uzbek is better than his English, and, duh, Merrill Lynch already has a resident drummer. Either you marry him and grant him access to our compassionate utopia, or you'll see him next time his band goes on tour.

So yesterday on Nerve Dating, we were curious to see how far you'd go to keep your foreign flame Stateside. We asked if you'd ever marry someone for their citizenship, and the answers were surprisingly definitive. 53% of Nerve members were anti, saying they "take marriage more seriously than that." (I'm hearing the sounds of poor Uktam's cymbals clanging as he loads them onto the plane.)

29% said "maybe, but I'd have to be in love," with one of these levelheaded types noting pragmatically that "the tax break isn't as good as people claim it is." Finally, a mere 18% said "Yes — it's just a formality." So for a small group, love or at least the possibility of love know no borders. (Take that, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.) And if you want to meet the adorably accented percussionist of your dreams, head over to Nerve Dating.