Nerve poll: Are you attracted to people with tattoos?

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Last week on Nerve, our Tools of Attraction feature focused on some fashion-forward punks. Tattoos were discussed, with one of the interviewees, Jimmy (the owner of New York City's Trash and Vaudeville thrift store), mentioning that at this point in his long career as a punk rocker of note, he's more attracted to a lack of tattoos than anything else. So we decided to turn that line of questioning over to you, the Nerve readers. Are you attracted to people with tattoos?

61% of you were generally positive about your tattooed brethren, though noting that something "small and tasteful" was preferred. (Sorry, Steve-O.) Nearly everyone who picked this answer was quick to latch onto "tasteful" as their watchword, and the rest noted diplomatically that such things should be decided on a case-by-case basis. But some offered specific caveats, like "band logos, tribal armbands, characters in languages you don't speak, and cartoon characters." One person did note their suspicion that all Chinese character tattoos secretly read "beef and broccoli."

29% were enthusiastically in favor of lots of ink, with most of the answers citing their own art. Almost everyone expressed reservations about throat and face tattoos, though, so if you're considering getting your favorite Looney Tune inked on your neck, you might not want to show it off to Nerve.

Finally, a slim 11% were decidedly against any tattoos, with oft-cited arguments like "It'll look terrible in twenty years" trotted out. One person emphatically stated "You couldn't pay me to get one," though they didn't leave any further explanation. Come on, man, out with it! What spoiled tattoos for you? An unfortunate encounter with a tribal armband? Was it that guy from Elektra whose tattoos come to life and attack people? The public wants to know.

Either way, if you want to find a set of tastefully-inked arms to hold you tight, find them on Nerve.