Nerve poll: Would you rather settle down in the city, the country, or the suburbs?

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This week's Talking to Strangers takes place in Morgantown, West Virginia, which at first mention, might conjure the sound of banjos in even the most open-minded city dweller's mind. But, different strokes for different folks (as is my understanding), and so we thought it'd be interesting to figure out where the average Nerve reader sees themselves settling down.

50% of you decided that the bright lights, big city was your ideal location, citing the rich tapestry of cultural events, close proximity, and the wide assortment of smells. One Nerve member noted that they enjoyed the city because of the photographic opportunities, though they declined to mention if they a hobbyist, a member of the paparazzi, or just an up-and-coming Weegee.

The suburbs were the next most-selected destination at around 40%, though at least one of you did note that they'd prefer to be "close to a city." Another reader described a simple joy for many a transplanted city-dweller: "After growing up in an assortment of shoebox-sized apartments, I now take joy in just being able to walk from room to room in my own house."

Finally, the pastoral beauty of the country was in a distant last-place. It's unclear whether it was the isolation, or what Woody Allen would call "the Manson family possibility," that scared off so many Nervers, but few of you decided that reclining on a porch, shotgun placed just within reach, was your idea of a good living space. However, one of you did set up a lovely goal: "A house in the country and an apartment in the city is the ideal, no?" It certainly is. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a great many banks to rob before that becomes a feasible possibility.