New ad: These condoms cost $1500 less than a year’s supply of diapers

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condom box

You know what costs a whole lot more than a pack of condoms? A baby. That's the logic behind a new ad campaign for Sir Richard's Condoms. Because sometimes economics are sexier than sex.  According to the new ads, one twelve-pack of rubbers costs 1,154 dollars less than a year's worth of diapers and 32,994 dollars less than a mini-van. How's that for perspective? 

Those alarming figures might just be enough to scare you into celibacy (nah, who are we kidding?). But the next time someone tries to convince you it's lame to keep your sexual escapades under wraps, just remind them that one twelve-pack costs 874 dollars less than a Bugaboo Stroller (whatever that is). It says so right on the box. Besides that's just more money to spend on sexy dates and swanky hotel rooms.