New Age men apologize for two million years of women’s oppression

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Oh, what is this internet gem? Why, it's a eight-minute video of some new-age dudes formally apologizing for two million years of oppressing women. The video features multiple men reading from some sort of treatise on women's subjugation. They rightly consider the facts that women have been oppressed and excluded in a historically male-dominated society, but I have to say the delivery is a little over the top. Check out how they spliced in a clip of a women being burned at the stake around 1:45.

While I appreciate efforts on the part of these men to acknowledge and rectify past wrongs women have suffered, my problem with this video is that it again relies on the clichéd dichotomy between traditionally male and female attributes. The men laud women's "connection to the earth" and their "intuition." They claim that the male drive to provide order and logic and to move humanity away from its animal origins was seemingly necessary, but that "something" was lost in this progression. I'm guessing they're referring to women's earthy, animalistic tendencies? 

Once again, the argument seems to be that men are war-waging scientists. They are rational! But women, they are mysterious creatures; their true essence is wrapped up in some pagan, moon-phase connectivity. The men espouse their commitment to both the feminine and the masculine. But maybe it's the construction of these ideals that's ultimately just as damaging as outright sex-based discrimination.