New antidepressant claims to not lower your sex drive

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As you probably know, many antidepressants come with an ironic side effect, restoring your vigor for life while crippling your sex drive, the one thing that makes life exciting and interesting in the first place. (Okay, there's also food.) The new, comically named antidepressant Viibyrd, just approved by the FDA, is supposed to fight serious depression while also keeping your libido intact.

No one seems to have very clear statistics on this stuff; the most common category of antidepressants, SSRIs, are reported to cut libido for anywhere from seventeen to forty-one percent of patients. Those side effects are often enough to drive people off the drugs, so obviously Viibyrd's reported sex-friendliness would be a major boon to manufacturer Clinical Data Inc., who will gladly keep selling you antidepressants for the rest of your goddamn life. Clinical Data chief executive Drew Fromkin says he expects profits potentially over $1 billion. Here're the clinical-trial results on Viibyrd, if you're curious.