New Barbie doll’s breasts come with a hidden camera and an FBI warning

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Video Barbie

Barbie dolls have always been many things: plastic cohort to Ken, nostalgia-inducing girlhood toy, perpetrator of all the anti-feminist evils in the world. And now, we can add one new title to Barbie's list: Sexy Bond villain. 

Mattel's new line of Barbie dolls have hidden cameras embedded in their breasts — breasts that are, predictably, quite monstrous for a six-inch doll. Why? No one can say for sure. Perhaps it's a quiet plan to raise a new generation of spy-girls. Perhaps it's a warning to young boys about staring at big boobs (because, you know, they could be staring back). Whatever its intended purpose, the FBI has recently warned that the boob-cam could be used by pedophiles hoping to spy on young girls, in an internal report that was later leaked. 

No actual crimes have been reported, leading me to suspect that this is similar to the old poisoned-candy on Halloween thing. But still. Mattel has successfully made the once-innocuous Barbie doll just a little bit creepier. Just in time for Christmas.