New book reveals King of Sweden’s wild sex life

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Man, royals sure know how to get freaky behind closed doors. This isn't quite as out there as the personalized sex statues the Prince of Brunei owned, but it's not bad. Carl Gustaf, the current King of Sweden, has apparently had quite the sexual appetite which was before now unknown to the rest of "libidinous Sweden." (Daily Mail's words, which… huh?) At least that's what a new biography says:

What emerges is a monarch who has spent a fortune on sex parties and strip clubs.

At one Stockholm club elaborate dinners were followed by liaisons in a communal ­whirlpool with scantily clad women, some of them, it seems, aspiring models.

Sometimes, according to the book, the girls would ‘throw off their clothes and sit in the men’s laps’…

Indeed, after one big dinner ­celebrating a successful elk hunt, he is said to have enjoyed sex with two women at the same time.

I mean, what other way does one celebrate a successful elk hunt, really, than with an enjoyable threesome? Of course, this could all be made up — his marriage to Queen Silvia is apparently widely admired in the country as a stable and happy one, which doesn't exactly scream "secret wild sex parties" to me. But royal families have hidden stranger things than affairs, so who can say?

(Unrelated but possibly of interest: his son, Prince Carl Philip, is super-fine. Check it out.)