New dating site helps you find your doppelganger

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Forget about personality or value-compatibility —  the secret to finding your soul mate is finding someone who looks just like you. That's the premise behind the gimmicky new dating site, The rationale is taken from a new study that claims couples are more likely to look alike than non-couples (think: Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard), and thus we're more romantically attracted to people who look like they could be related to us. Those incestuous implications aren't creepy at all.

While the site is still under construction (it's set to launch later this month), it will utilize a nine-point comparison test to physically analyze you and find your potential matches through facial recognition. Attraction never seemed so systemized or narcissistic! So sit back and let your computer do the work, but just make sure you don't end up dating your brother.