New dating site purports to be “the eBay of online dating”

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This ain't your older brother's eHarmony: a new online dating site,, is billing itself as "the eBay of online dating." Founded by Brandon Wade of fame (?), the site allows men, or "the generous members," to bid on women, or "the attractive members," for a chance to have a malted at the chok'lit shoppe, or so they would have you believe. Women can bid on men as well, just watch out for those riding crops.

So is it prostitution by another name? Not according to a site spokesman:

"This is all about paying for the FIRST DATE! There is absolutely no sex involved, and except perhaps the chance of sex at some point in the future if you are able to successfully charm and seduce. But isn't that what every first date is about?"

The sugar daddies agree! Looking at the site, you wonder why divorced millionaires and the supermodel-looking women who love their wallets would be slumming like this. That girl only wants eighty dollars? Looks like mack daddy Wade found a nice, gray area at the intersection of capital and sex, and dived right in.