New Jersey town limits rooster sex due to noise concerns

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Rooster, hen, and chicks.

Thanks to The Man, roosters in New Jersey won't have much to crow about. Some presumably sleep-deprived humans are tired of the loud nature of fowl mating and are planning to put an end to it by curbing the number of allowed conjugal visits. 

And according to Reuters, the bureaucratic process is already underway:

“It’s a noise issue,” said John Hart, a farmer who helped draft the chicken ordinance in Hopewell Township, which border on Princeton.

The measure would limit mating between roosters and hens in backyard farms to ten days a year and no more than five consecutive nights.

Crowing is strictly prohibited in the relatively rural town, but Hart said it could that could pose a problem.

“That’s basically their mating call. In the morning, they wake up the hens and say, ‘It’s time for me to take care of business,”’ Hart said.

Only ten days a year? These are roosters we're talking about, not monks!