New NYC-condom finder app helps the civic minded have safe sex

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NYC condoms

Four years ago, the nation's first city-endorsed contraception method, the NYC Condom, was introduced by NYC Department of Health. Today, National Condom Awareness Day, they've done New Yorkers another solid by creating a free smart-phone app that locates where the free NYC Condoms are distributed. No matter where you are, GPS or manual entry (heh, manual) of a street address will determine the five closest distributors and even provide directions to sexual safety. Other features of the app include the store's hours, instructions on how to use a condom (perfect for all those lucky teens with smart phones), and where to buy other sex accessories that keep you safe. (Like a chastity belt, perhaps?)

The New York Department of Health has been giving out free male condoms since the 1970s. Over the past four years, they've built up the NYC Condom campaign through social media and logo design contests. The city's Health Commissioner, Dr. Thomas Farley, lauded the app as "a useful tool" and reminded New Yorkers to "stay safe on Valentine’s Day — and every day — by using condoms."

There are nearly 1,000 locations in the city's five boroughs that sell the brand (which is actually just a lubed-up Lifestyles condom), so the only excuse app users will have for not wrapping it up will be sheer laziness. And who wants to fuck someone that lazy anyway?