New site perpetuates radical concept that women have sexual fantasies

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It seems like once every few years something comes around to remind people: women have sexual fantasies! Sometimes, even BDSM fantasies! Back in 2002, it was the movie Secretary. Now, as you all know, it's the new bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey

The media is abuzz with this whole women-liking-sex thing, and wants to investigate. "It is intriguing that huge numbers of women are eagerly consuming myriad and disparate fantasies of submission at a moment when women are ascendant in the workplace," Katie Roiphe wrote in Newsweek. "This, when "[women] make up almost 60 percent of college students, when they are close to surpassing men as breadwinners…It is probably no coincidence that, as more books like The Richer Sex by Liza Mundy and Hanna Rosin’s forthcoming The End of Men appear, there is a renewed popular interest in the stylized theater of female powerlessness."

Girls just wanna get spanked. And you know, get their Masters in business management. Anyway, a new site called The Desire Project is looking to talk about just that very supposed conflict. The new website (riffing off the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey) encourages women to submit their sexual preferences, fantasies, and dilemmas in video form. 

I think it's great. Having an open dialogue about sexuality (especially when so many women think they shouldn't talk about the naughty bits) is a solid, sex-positive idea. The website won't let us embed the videos, but check them out here.