New Study: America is less flirtatious than just about every other country

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sexy woman painted as an american flag

The US has been ranked along with other countries worldwide, and once again, came out the loser. Not only are Americans really bad at math and unhappy and overweight, we're also not very flirtatious. (Surely there is no relation between those facts.) In truth, the only thing we're flirting with is coming in dead last on the list — a mere 1/100th of a percent more flirtatious than Ecuador. Spain came in first, followed by a somewhat surprising Poland. 

The global networking site Badoo named the twenty flirtiest countries by measuring ninety million contacts made on the site between men and women. "Flirtatiousness" was ranked by the number of women on the site who initiate contact with men.   

Now, I might be an American who's bad at math, but that seems like a slightly arbitrary way of calculating this sort of thing. What about the fact that men also message women, potentially with amorous ideas? And how can we leave out men messaging men and women messaging women? That said, it's probably pretty likely that our status as "not very flirty" would hold across all categories.

Which sucks. But perhaps, at least, it means that there's less competition, and therefore higher rewards, for those of us who do dare to be outgoing.