New study suggests bisexuality is real

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New research contradicts old research in today's continuing medicalization of sexuality. Ever since 2005 — when researchers at Northwestern University published findings suggesting that bisexuality in men was likely a way for gay men to avoid completely embracing their sexual orientation — men who do feel attracted to both genders might have been understandably confused. 

But now some other scientists, also from Northwestern, have published a new study that suggests that bisexuality does, in fact, exist. Sorry, bi-dudes, for that six year period where you questioned your entire experience of the world! In the more recent study, researchers more carefully vetted bi-identified participants; they had to have had sexual experiences and dating relationships with individuals from both genders.

In the study, men had their nether regions hooked up to a boner-detecting device and were shown pornography involving two men having sex and then two women having sex. It was scientifically proven that self-professed bisexual men experienced boners during both types of pornography, while gay men experienced no substantial increased blood flow during the lady-sex. So, there you have it, bisexual men of the world. You are validated. Now when is someone going to research female bisexuality, so assholes will stop telling bi women they're "doing it for the attention?"