New Tumblr tells you how to fail at online dating

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Passing notes

It seems like common sense, but — when you're making a romantic overture, on the internet or in the world, don't say something that could be mistaken for a statement of criminal intent. Also, probably avoid telling elaborate long-form jokes or giving the object of your affection a multiple-choice quiz. It's probably better just to be honest and say hello. We believe in this, and so do the the founders of Messages from Match, a new Tumblr that provides a cautionary tale for online daters.

The site has a simple mission. Two young women, roommates, try to date in the giant swimming pool that is, and in the process, post some of the more entertaining and misguided responses they get on their site. If there's one surprising common thread, it's that a large number of men seem to think their best shot lies in creating an elaborate ruse or weird fictional scenario. Like, "Let's have a cookie bake-off" to "I am a mail order husband who can be returned after ninety days for a full refund minus shipping & handling." Beneath the humor, there's something of a message: if you're actually trying to meet a real person, act like one.  

If you're interested in more thoughts on the wide world of online dating, check out Tim Kreider's essay, running just across Nerve today. You can follow Messages on Tumblr here.