New York City middle and high schools to offer comprehensive, mandatory sex-ed

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The ol' condom-over-a-banana trick is about to get a trendy New York City resurgence. Under Mayor Michael Bloomberg's rule, School Chancellor Dennis Walcott emailed school principals last night the plans for a mandatory across-the-board sex education program. This class is aimed at improving the lives of minority youths and limiting the amount teen pregnancies and STDs going around. Walcott said:

While many of our schools have already voluntarily taken steps to include sex education in their curriculum, some have not, leaving us with an uneven system that I believe does not serve our students well… We have students who are having sex before the age of thirteen; students who have had multiple sexual partners; and students who aren't protecting themselves against sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS

Of course, this news will be somewhat controversial to parents who would choose to implement their own methods of sex education, or pushers of "abstinent only" programs, but sucks to them. I for one applaud this decision and can only hope that the curriculum will spread through the rest of the country. The teen pregnancy rates in the US are a disaster, and it's pretty clear that abstinence doesn't work. 

In other news, did anyone watch Teen Mom last night? It was boring.