New Zealand brothel for straight women now hiring male prostitutes

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Deuce Bigalow

A New Zealand brothel, the world's first brothel for women, by women, has put prospective studs on notice. They are hiring male prostitutes at a rate of $176 per hour, as reported by the New Zealand Herald.
Pammy's, advertised as "the world's first legal bordello exclusively for female clients," is scheduled to open early next year and is looking for a few good men who, interestingly, will be trained by a sex therapist. Pammy's co-owner, former lawmaker Pam Corkery, explains. "Most men don't upskill. They tend to stick to the same old techniques… there are exercises for boys with performance issues."

Corkery received a resounding response to the ads, with 700 would-be male whores flagging their interest on Facebook alone. The Auckland brothel features fourteen private rooms named after famous queens and princesses. The feminist jury is out on the Kiwis' big adventure.