Gay-pride cupcakes banned in Canadian high school

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Who could possibly have an axe to grind against cupcakes, the smallest, least-threatening of heavenly treats? As it turns out, a school in Ontario, Canada does. The cupcakes, which were rainbow-colored, were being sold with the intent of donating the proceeds to the LGBT Youth Line. This was in conflict with the rules of the Catholic high school, which stated that no rainbow paraphernalia could be worn, promoted, or displayed. The cakes were promptly banned. 

It's a disappointing response, considering that the kids were being philanthropic, and I always thought that whole "love thy neighbor" ranked higher in the Catholic list of priorities than "no gays allowed."

It also puts a major kink in the Canadian reputation of being comparatively cool and liberal. Canadians. They aren't just homophobic. They hate sweet things.