Class cancelled for the Northwestern professor who had a live sex-toy demonstration

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It's time to say goodbye to Professor Fucksaw. His alter-ego, Professor J. Michael Bailey, however, will live on, probably in infamy. After last February's live sex demonstration, also known as an optional lecture for his class on "Human Sexuality," Northwestern University has decided to discontinue the class.

The decision to cancel the class was made by high-ranking college officials after months of controversy and discussion over what is appropriate to teach in a college classroom. The lecture that ultimately ended Professor Bailey's seventeen-year run of teaching the class was on kinky sex and the female orgasm, two completely acceptable topics for a class on human sexuality at a college-age level.

Despite the incident, Professor Bailey will continue to teach at Northwestern. Next semester he will be offering to courses: "Behavior Genetics and Evolutionary Psychology" and "Dangerous Ideas." I'm not sure what that second one entails, but coming from a man who thought it was a good idea to show one hundred consenting adults a woman being penetrated and brought to orgasm via a sex toy, I'm expecting great things.