Nurse who had sex with dying patient is barred from medicine for 20 years

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Amber Van Brunt, a nurse who worked at an Oklahoma hospice program, lost her medical license after having a sexual affair with a married patient with Lou Gehrig's Disease. She was banned from medicine for twenty years.

Brunt worked for Angelic Family Hospice in a program that delivered very, very friendly treatment at patients' homes. She describes her relationship with the terminally ill-patient as consensual and has called the nursing board's decision to blackball her a "miscarriage of justice." Brunt's attorney says that the sexual relationship occurred outside of Brunt's work hours, but the nursing board has stated that sex with patients is inappropriate and forbidden no matter the circumstances. Oklahoma County District Judge Patricia Parrish, and the board's attorney, stated: 

"The rules… do not mean simply while you are on shift; they mean during the entire time… you are assigned to the care of that patient, whether that is six days in the hospital or six months in hospice care or six years in a nursing home."

It just goes to show: nurse-patient affairs, like most common porn tropes, do not work out well in real life.