NY Jets coach: My wife’s foot-fetish videos are “personal”

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Sports sites got all hot and bothered yesterday when Deadspin posted (mild) foot-fetish videos starring, apparently, NY Jets coach Rex Ryan's wife Michelle. (It looks a lot like her, and all the information on the model's fetish-site profile checks out.) Deadspin suggested that the voice of the interviewer in these videos belonged to Rex Ryan. Unsurprisingly, the general angle was disapproving; the ever-progressive New York Post called the videos "bizarre", and "the latest controversy to hound the Jets this season," although honestly, there's nothing too controversial about it, and Ryan's actually borderline uxorious. He refused to discuss the incident in a press conference today, saying only, "It's personal," which would seem to be a confirmation, but he did tell another reporter that his wife was "beautiful" and "awesome," and last month compared himself to Tom Brady by joking, "I'm also married to a supermodel." Pretty adorable: forty-something couple loving it up and enjoying some mild kinkiness. We approve.