Older women having better, more frequent sex, extramarital affairs

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Kim Cattrall sexy in bed

A new survey indicates British women in their 40's are getting laid more often, having better sex and — in a surprise twist — more extramarital affairs than British men.

The Times of India reports on this Sex And The City-like phenomenon:

-women in their 40's are having more fun in bed than ever

-25% say they are carrying on an affair, while only 18% of men say the same

-almost 80% say they are more open in bed than when in their sexual prime

-only 7% say they fake orgasms or satisfaction in bed

-68% know what positions and techniques get them off (meaning 32% still don't?!)

-but 58% admit that they didn't have the best sex until after marriage because they had learned so much and became more confident

-and 90% said monogamy or sticking to the rules of an open relationship is extremely important.

Anything surprising in here? The fact that more women than men are having affairs (or, should I say, admitting to them) surprised me.

The Times of India has more on this report.