Oldest newlywed couple is the best ever

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In Cutest-Damn-Thing-Ever news, meet the world's oldest newlywed couple. Ninety-five-year-old Lillian Hartley married her ninety-eight-year-old boyfriend Allen Marks this Leap Day. Their combined age of 193 makes them the oldest couple to ever get married. 

Lillian and Allen joked that they've been "living together in sin" for the past eighteen years, because they're just too busy being fabulous. They like to travel, schmooze at temple (where they met), and go to Laker games. 

Lillian didn't think he wanted a relationship when she met Allen. "I had been a widow for six years and I really loved my freedom," Lillian told ABC news. "I said, 'Oh, I don’t want a relationship,'…and then he came along, and somehow hooked me." Get it, girl.

For all our sakes, Allen finally decided to put a ring on it, and the result is pretty much the best two-minute wedding ceremony ever. My favorite part is how they keep leaning in to hear what the officiator is saying. If you watch this and don't have a little more hope for love in this world, you should probably just end it now.

Also, watch for them getting a love bug balloon at the end of the ceremony in honor of Leap Day. Lillian is so wonderful she actually seems genuinely excited for the thing. Here's wishing my new favorite couple another 193 combined years of happiness.