Olivia Munn encourages one-night stands in Las Vegas

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Olivia Munn

Finally, someone with the courage to stand up to the people living, visiting, or paroled in Nevada and say, "Hey, you should do exactly what you're already doing." That hero is the sexy geek goddess Olivia Munn, who pumped up a crowd of partiers by shouting, "Who's going to have a random hookup tonight?"  I imagine that her rousing speech was not met with the sound of crickets.

But then here's the thing: shit got really weird after that. Munn apparently went kind of bonkers on a random group at a casino:

The 31-year-old approached a group of "about four others, both men and women," whom she had been seen with throughout the evening. Despite her previously sweet demeanor, Munn "started yelling and swearing," and apparently didn't care who heard.

"You can go f— yourselves!" she told the group, adding that her "career will go on," but the slack-jawed group she was addressing was "going to have to kiss peoples' asses for the rest of [their] lives!"

"It's okay, we understand," one woman said nervously to Munn.

But efforts to quiet the actress' outburst fell flat. Those in the group "weren't really talking much," said the spywitness, "just listening" to her yelling.

"I'm rich!" Munn continued. "I come from a well-off family." After Munn had completed her tirade, we're told, she stormed off, leaving the group in silence and bystanders in shock. 

We all know that Perfect Couples is bad, but come on, Olivia — pull yourself together. Things will pick up! Leave those spywitnesses alone, they didn't do nothing. Unless they produced Perfect Couples, in which case… carry on.