One fourth of women would pay for sex, according to study

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A study conducted in New Zealand by former-MP Pam Corkery and her business partner found that about twenty-six percent of women say they'd be willing to pay a male prostitute for sex. The two are planning on opening a male brothel geared towards women — some say, the first of its kind in history. 

In the history of the world, paying for sex seems to be an exclusively male activity, regardless of whether its a woman or another man at the other end of that transaction. That makes the New Zealand brothel – slated to open somewhere around next July, an interesting, potentially historic, project. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the brothel's format is in sync with more typically female sexuality. Men won't be standing naked behind red-lit glass, but rather mingling in the brothel's bar. Women are encouraged to come out with groups of friends and meet the men in the bar, before paying about $240 to sleep with them.

Most of women (seventy-one percent) who said they wouldn't pay for sex said so because they are in monogamous relationships. The survey found that women prefer friendly, easy-going men who are in their late twenties or thirties, with a preference for "masterful" personality types and muscular bodies. Women in New Zealand also really hate beards: only one-percent found facial hair preferable.