Study: Online daters would rather have a kiss on New Year’s Eve than a free laptop

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Almost thirty years ago, Gordon Gano of the Violent Femmes asked listeners, "Why can't I get just one kiss?" And it looks like little has changed. A new poll shows that the majority of its users "would rather have a kiss on New Year's Eve than a new laptop computer."

According to Whitney Casey, whose job title at is "relationship expert,"

All the commercials, all the songs, everything, leads to that feeling of "I should be doing something important here, I should be remembering this time."

Similarly, the poll also found that "8 percent of respondents listed finding someone to share the holiday with as their biggest end-of-the-year worry, while only 23 percent said they're most anxious about finding the perfect present."

Of course, online daters still have the same problems offline daters do:

8 percent of people said that the hardest part of the holidays was dealing with their families, and 11 percent said it was gaining weight. 

As a bonus, we've included a video of the aforementioned Violent Femmes track, "Add It Up," a song to which people on Nerve Personals probably can't relate quite as much. Nonetheless, happy holidays, daters of all stripes!