Overweight dude documents weight loss in dramatic attempt to find a girlfriend

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Ben Davis weight loss before and after

We know there are hundreds of these stories out there, but The Consumerist has a great weight loss story — with a key bonus video — that we just could not get out of our minds. We'll let them tell you the finer details about Ben Davis, who went from 348 to 226 pounds, thanks to his determination not to be single forever.

At the bottom of his hole and sick of being single, he called up his brother and said, "I need to get my life together." His brother said, "All right, I'm signing us up for a 5k. It's in three weeks."

Ben began training. At first he could only hobble around the track, and only two to three times a week. It killed his ankles and calves. But he kept at it and on race day, he showed up to the start line.

"I jogged (very slowly) the entire thing, and finished. It was a huge moment, and I was hooked…"

The perfect video to kick yourself in the ass this morning:

Now if only Davis would stop sucking in his gut in photos and just be proud of what he's accomplished (so far)…