People worry about STDs most on Mondays

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Chlamydia virus

After the weekend partying, comes the Monday worrying. That's what a new study conducted by researchers at Maastricht University in The Netherlands claims. Researchers kept track of website visits to a Dutch site called SOATEST, which educates and advises the public on STD testing and other matters of sexual health. Over a two-month period, website hits always peaked on Mondays. "A remarkable finding — given that the website is accessible 24/7," the researchers wrote. The only exception was Monday, April 25, which was a Dutch holiday; that week, visits peaked on Tuesday.

While this study was only limited to one country, we're guessing results might be similar on a worldwide basis. Presumably, Sundays are international days of hangovers and shame. Who has time to look up syphilis symptoms, while hiding under the blankets and drinking copious amounts of coffee? That burning sensation can wait until tomorrow.