Pizza Hut has its own $10,000 engagement party package

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Pizza Hut proposal

Fulfilling the dreams of every little girl in America, Pizza Hut is now offering its very own $10,010 engagement special, only $10 of which goes toward a box filled with a medium pan pizza, five savory breadsticks, and cinnamon dessert breadsticks.

The rest goes toward a series of classy amenities which include limo service, a ruby engagement ring, a bouquet of flowers, a personal fireworks display, and a professional photographer and videographer to commemorate your special moment. Just imagine: that special someone slips a ruby (not a diamond) onto your greasy, bloated post-pizza finger in the back of a limo as you decide to spend the rest of your lives watching Netflix and raising your BMI's together.

Pizza Hut's CMO explained, "If we're able to fit pizza, breadsticks and dessert into one box for only $10, why stop there? Our customers want the best of everything, from their food to memorable life experiences. So we decided to make one those experiences — the marriage proposal — second-to-none and offer it at alongside the new $10 Dinner Box."

But be warned: these romantic accoutrements aren't available for just any Hut-loving plebeian with ten grand to blow. Pizza Hut is only offering ten of these engagement packages, so snap them up while you can. There's no guaranteeing that the love of your life will just wait around until Domino's decides to offer up a diamond-encrusted engagement pie.