Planned Parenthood releases condoms with geolocation

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where did you wear it?

Talk about over-sharing. As part of a safe sex marketing campaign for National Condom Week — which exists, apparently — Planned Parenthood gave away 55,000 condoms with smartphone-ready QR codes to college students for online check-ins.

Users can also identify the erotic environs ("Bedroom," "In the Shower," "At a Party," "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles," etc.) and rate the sex on a five-point scale in real time, which their partners must appreciate. It's a cute gimmick, but — considering that a quarter of people unroll condoms the wrong way, according to a new study — tagging yourself on Sex Foursquare is less important than not getting pregnant or infected.

Distributed at universities in the Pacific Northwest, the high-tech prophylactics have traveled all over the country, as you can see on Google Maps. Also: six continents, presumably while fraternity pledges "studied a broad." (Ugh. That joke was constructed worse than a broken rubber.)