Planned Parenthood releases condoms with geolocation

where did you wear it?

Talk about over-sharing. As part of a safe sex marketing campaign for National Condom Week — which exists, apparently — Planned Parenthood gave away 55,000 condoms with smartphone-ready QR codes to college students for online check-ins.

Users can also identify the erotic environs ("Bedroom," "In the Shower," "At a Party," "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles," etc.) and rate the sex on a five-point scale in real time, which their partners must appreciate. It's a cute gimmick, but — considering that a quarter of people unroll condoms the wrong way, according to a new study — tagging yourself on Sex Foursquare is less important than not getting pregnant or infected.

Distributed at universities in the Pacific Northwest, the high-tech prophylactics have traveled all over the country, as you can see on Google Maps. Also: six continents, presumably while fraternity pledges "studied a broad." (Ugh. That joke was constructed worse than a broken rubber.)

Commentarium (5 Comments)

Feb 29 12 - 11:53am

How many will be at "your mom's house?"

Mar 01 12 - 12:37am

Oh, that's just precious! Sounds like something a Serial Rapist would love. And then there are all those rich, ivy frat boys and their ruffies too. So happy to see those fine people at PP take all the work they do for womyn so seriously, and that they're using the millions of dollars in tax money they receive to do good things for responsible, safe sex and, of course "Parenthood". Ha!ha!ha!

Mar 01 12 - 7:49am

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Mar 01 12 - 12:27pm

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Mar 01 12 - 12:16pm

Social networking and making condom use a part of our national dialogue is important. I think it's clever PR. I'm sure "your mom" will probably be a hot spot. They already have "Mayor of Your Mom" shirts on 4square.

also - this is kind of chilling: Someone who reads this and immediately goes to "Serial Rapist" is someone I'd be very concerned about. Why think "rape" when someone says "condom" ? Was that REALLY your first thought?

I think Condom, and I think "fun times with safety" ... really, that should be the normal reaction.