Police officer forwards suspect’s sex videos to his own phone

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Picture this: you're a lawman on the late-night beat in Stamford, Connecticut. You just booked a perp and threw the crook in the slammer for a little cool down. While he stews in the clink, you take a peek at his cell phone. The question is: what do you do with those steamy flicks of him and his broad you found?

If you said, "I forward those to my own phone, confident in the knowledge this can't come back to bite me in the ass," congratulations! You are like Officer Michael Pretsi, the police officer who did just that with suspect William Vasilakos' phone while Vasilakos was in jail overnight. How did Pretsi get caught? Easily: when Vasilakos got out of custody and got his phone back, he noticed the messages containing said videos forwarded on to an unfamiliar address. (Probably with time stamps, as well! Pretsi just did not think this through. Just use porn, guy.)

Not shockingly, Pretsi is under internal review, Vasilakos is suing, and we're left with the most hilarious explanation for sexting ever, courtesy of Vasilakos' lawyer: "they were deeply in love and they had memorialized that love in a way that they thought was appropriate."