Politicians are unhappy with anti-“raw dogging” PSAs for teens

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In "kids say the darndest things" news, a bunch of New York teenagers are drawing criticism for a safe sex PSA in which, you know, they actually talk about sex. Teens working with the Community Health Network were given a budget to create their own public service announcement for condom use, resulting in the above clip "More Than Just Sex," which features a young boy extolling the many virtues of "raw dogging," followed by a long list of side effects including "genital warts," "baby mama drama," and a "dirty dingaling reputation." Heavens!

One State Senator slammed the video as "alarming," releasing a statement claiming that the spot "advocates for safe sex in a roundabout way, and any confusion this ad may cause could be hazardous for the youth population of our city and state." 

"Teens talk with slang," explained one Bronx seventeen-year-old who helped produce the ad. "We don't want to sound phony using too much medical terms." 

"More Than Just Sex" has also gotten its fair share of support, though, and Assemblyman Rafael Espinal (D-Bushwick) said that the ads "capture the realities of what is happening in inner-city neighborhoods like the ones I represent." He was also careful to add that the ads "shouldn't be accessible to children under thirteen […] the language is too raw."

"Raw" is definitely one word for it. Really though, I can't speak for actual teens, but I think these spots are pretty funny and effective. Yes, raw dogging is a term I'd rather not have to hear ever again, but the truth hurts sometimes!