Pop-up chapel in Central Park will let gay New Yorkers also make rash decisions

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Gay wedding cake

As we all know by now, marriage in New York is no longer the exclusive domain of straight people and Rudy Giuliani. But what if you want to hastily wed a same-sex stranger who is clearly the person you should marry because, come on, you've had eight shots of tequila and some Budweisers and you've got that we just have to get married right now because this is real, I know it is feeling? Then just stumble to the pop-up chapel in Central Park, which Gawker alerts us "will be giving out the quickie weddings that heterosexual couples who visit Vegas have been rubbing in our faces for decades."

The pop-up chapel sets up on July 30, and its website makes a lot of promises:

We provide the wedding! And the photographer! And the officiant! And witnesses! And cupcakes! And everything you’ve always dreamed of! A free and legal wedding, for anyone who wants to get married.

You provide yourselves! And a marriage license!

And your own explanation when your family asks who exactly that is asking for more stuffing at the dinner table this Thanksgiving! We kid, we kid — marriage licenses take time anyway, and, no matter what your orientation, you should always remember to marry responsibly.