Popular female sex blogger exposed as creepy dude

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Alexa Di Carlo alleged photo

Someone once presented the photo above as that of Alexa di Carlo, the widely-read female sex blogger who goes under the name of Asparagirl. That is, she did go under that name until she was outed recently as a man.

That wouldn't be such a big deal and would've disappeared from my radar if not for what Thomas "Pat" Bohannan (too close to Buchanan for my taste) is accused of doing in his capacity as a pretend sexually-open female.

Worse, he (in another persona known as "Caitlain" or "Cathy") allegedly encouraged minors to post seminude pictures of themselves on his teen sex website.
[One teen wrote] I feel sick and ashamed and terrified that these incredibly intimate, private photos are out there somewhere. I will never again have the confidence in my own sexuality that I once had because of this man, and my trust in people is shattered. I used to want to be like Cathy and tried to feel as sexually liberated as she did. Well now I feel the least interested in sex I have ever felt, because I've lost my own understanding of how I felt about it. [Jezebel]

Not to trivialize this story (how heartbreaking for that kid), I just wanted to come clean for the record that I am not really Brian Fairbanks. I'm actually the woman with the four kids and the ironing board that you see at the end of that Aerosmith video.