Prince of Brunei’s Long Island estate contains sex sculptures of himself, his wife

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Prince Jefri of Brunei filed a lawsuit against his advisors because he thinks they sold his Long Island estate for much less than it is worth. Normally this would be the kind of boring, "I want the full $11 million please, I will not settle for $9 million" type of lawsuit that just makes you sad you were not born into royalty. But that's before you hear about the life-size bronze sex statues of the Prince and his wife contained in the property!

Photographs of the pieces obtained by the Daily News show an endowed, muscular prince in a series of sexual positions with the woman, one of many at his beck and call. Bolkiah has multiple wives and a harem of lovelies.

Now the Prince's lawyers are trying to keep pictures of the statues out of the trial, fearing that such salacious images might prejudice the jury. They would also like that "harem" bit to be left out, as well.

So, would you like to see the statues now? Unfortunately, there are no fully uncensored photos available, but the Daily News did provide us with this small taste of them:

When I first read this story, my thought was, "Well, if you were a super rich prince, why wouldn't you have life-size sex statues, possibly of yourself?" But now I realize it's because they are so damn creepy.