Prostitute advertising cards facing legal ban in Queens

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A new bill by the New York state legislature seeking to curb prostitution in Queens is expected to soon be signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo, and specifically targets so-called "chica" cards, which feature nude or scantily-clad women advertising their wares along with phone numbers to escort agencies. The shady business cards are mainly distributed in the Jackson Heights and Corona sections of Queens.

Whether Cuomo signs the bill or not, the racy images on the "chica" cards are already being replaced by images of fruits and vegetables, as the escort agencies prepare for the crackdown. The cards were becoming a problem as impressionable kids were picking up the discarded fliers and trading them like baseball cards. One local parent expressed her concern over the glossy pictures possibly glamorizing prostitution for young girls and, in reference to her eight-year-old son, worried, "I said, 'Oh, my. This is not for little boys.' I was hoping he wouldn't ask me a lot of questions."

Kudos to Democratic Assemblyman Francisco Moya of Jackson Heights for introducing the bill in the Assembly and trying to clean up the neighborhoods, but you have to think the world's oldest profession won't take this lying down (or, uh, maybe they will), and will probably increase their presence in the back pages of local rags, and on websites. George Washington University sociology professor Ron Weitzer said, "It might put a dent in their business for some period of time, but they will probably find other ways to advertise their services."