Prostitute details Silvio Berlusconi phone calls and underage sex parties

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Silvio Berlusconi and women

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi finds himself in an ever-deepening sex scandal today after revelations from a prostitute who was an eyewitness to alleged "underage sex parties."

Nadia Macri claims she received a personal call from the PM ("I am the dream of Italians." "Who is this?" "It’s the prime minister of Italy"). The escort was then offered a crazy amount of money, somewhere around $13,000, to come stay over at Berlusconi's villa near Milan. But when she arrived, the atmosphere totally creeped her out:

Speaking in a TV interview, Ms. Macri said: ‘The girls were young and it didn’t sit easy with me.’ She said she was told ‘to dress sexy’ for Mr. Berlusconi. A lawyer for the Italian leader said the accusations were ‘without foundation'. [Metro]

That would be two strikes and two witnesses to the claims that Berlusconi not only solicited prostitutes (for which he probably won't be charged, but still) but chose girls of a questionable age.