Study: Women lie about their weight, men lie about height, everyone lies about sexual partners

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Fingers Crossed

Today's "things are worse for women than for men" news is actually a little less depressing than usual, since it's accompanied by the elusive "sometimes being a man is hard too" news. The story comes from Psychology Today, and goes like this: it's human nature to lie, but the way we lie, and the things we lie about, depend on our gender. While men mainly lie about how much they earn and how tall they are, women tend to lie about their weight and their age; we all lie about how many sexual partners we had.

Pretty basic, boring stuff, right? Here's the twist: men lie up, and women lie down. When men lie about making more money than they do, or being taller than they are, they're actually just being aspirational. Insecure and deceitful yes, but aspirational all the same, because they could make more money in the future, and if they're young enough, they might even grow an inch or two; they certainly will have more sexual partners if that's what they desire. Women, however, delusional crazies that we are, tell lies about things that simply cannot be reversed. We all get older, so that's a wash, and as much as we wish for it, we'll never be able to undo all those meaningless sexual encounters we'd rather just forget. The only lie that women actually have control over is how much they weigh. Rough.

The reason that these lies are actually bad news for both genders is that either way you look at it, we are lying about these things because we're all just trying to adhere to societal norms that obviously aren't actually the norm. Some women really may have slept with more people than the man they are dating. Some men really might not make that much money. We're all adults here, so I suggest we all start acting like adults and tell the truth no matter what. What's the worst that can happen?