Public sex is a popular – and quasi-legal – British pastime

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Public Sex Area in Puttenham Brtitain.

The small town of Puttenham, Britain, is known for its ancient church, great local pub, and field where people go to have public sex — or "dog," as the activity is popularly called.  According to an article in today's New York Times, "Public sex is a popular — and quasi-legal — activity in Britain."

Only if someone comes across you having sex and feels offended enough to go the police station to complain, is dogging punishable, and even then, actual prosecution is very rare. Moreover, rural Britain is apparently jam-packed with online forums and public-sex sites, some with more than a million members. 

Basically, it seems like every time you go for a stroll around bucolic England, you come across either gay men having sex (if it's daytime) or straight couples having sex (if it's night). The above photo is of a sex mat, left in the woods of this twee little village in Surrey, so that locals don't get grassburn on their knees during a rustic poke in the pines.

It seems surprising — since the Britain is often thought of a conservative, emotionally reserved spot, with the dampest, chilliest, least-conducive-to-outdoor-sex-imaginable weather. I guess the moral is "don't judge a book by its cover" — or, more aptly, don't judge a rustic English countryside until you've searched the bushes for lost dildos and abandoned panties.