Radio contest winner will tell wife he’s divorcing her live on air for Valentine’s Day

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A thirty-one-year-old New Zealand man, identified only as "Sam," has won New Zealand radio station The Rock's "Win a Divorce" contest, as a result of which, Sam will very unromantically tell his wife this upcoming Valentine's Day, live on the air, that he is divorcing her. In exchange, the station will foot the bill for the divorce, provided there are no children involved.

This sounds cruel on the face of it, but in a voice-disguised interview, Sam said he had no "second thoughts" and didn't seem to think his wife would be that upset. 

He said:

This person probably expects it and will probably welcome it. This relationship is over. I'm not a heartless person. I would not do this if I was going to destroy someone's life. I wouldn't do this if I thought someone was going to be really hurt.

The cynical promotion is the brainchild of on-air personalities Robert and Jono, and summed up by a page on The Rock's website which states:

Across our fair land there are hundreds of poor blokes who thought they married an angel who, in fact, turned out to be Satan in a dress. We want to help those oppressed citizens and liberate them from the shackles of a dud marriage so they can live free to drink beer, watch sports and oogle gorgeous ladies on the internet without having to clear their internet history.

Family First NZ's Bob McCoskrie called the contest "tacky, degrading and harmful," and had some stern words for the station. 

Said McCroskie:

Divorces are difficult enough, but to cheapen it to a radio stunt is tacky. The radio station is simply feeding off the misery of others. They are willing to pay for the divorce — will they also pay for the counseling which may be required as a result of this stunt?"

I don't know what Sam's four-year marriage was like, but this seems pretty vindictive. The whole thing's not surprising though, when you see The Rock's tagline is "Bands, Babes, Balls 'n Bull." Or when you consider that the station had to answer to charges of misogyny last year after their "Win-a-Wife" competition offered one lucky winner twelve nights in the Ukraine and $2,000 spending money with which to try and land a wife.