Read about how Miranda July, Agnès B., and Richard Kern lost their virginities

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Miranda July.

Little-known factoid: the cool and famous were born virgins, just like the rest of us. The rest of us, however, weren't asked by fancier-than-thou magazine Dossier to write about the experience. (I mean, I was, but I was just too busy to do it, whatever, no big deal.) The issue, packed with over fifty such stories, comes out later this week, but the Hairpin has snagged a few preview tales of beginner sex to whet your perverted appetite. My favorite might be this typewritten one from your older sister's Lena Dunham, Miranda July:

Miranda July loses her virginity.

And then there's this one from underground filmmaker Richard Kern, also typewritten:

Richard Kern loses his virginity.

There's also a bonus handwritten one from designer Agnès B., which you can check out over at the Hairpin.