Read: Julian Assange’s creepy love letters

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You know the story: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins back girl's attention by orchestrating the controversial release of top-secret government documents.

But good stories never get old (I can't tell you how many times I've watched Jurassic Park), so why not let some stranger with internet access tell it to you again.

In 2004, Julian Assange met a nineteen-year-old girl in Australia. That girl said Assange seemed kind of "quiet and nerdy. I didn't think he was sexy or anything. Just strangely alluring for a nineteen-year-old girl." They went out to a bar, left together for a goodnight kiss, and went back to their respective homes — but not before exchanging email addresses.

She soon received the email pictured above, in which the WikiLeaks founder asks if he can explore her mouth on Monday. When she didn't react warmly to his request, he called her house… but she'd never given him her phone number.

She became understandably creeped out by him.  The following string of emails did not help Assange's case:

Well, I certainly don't feel clean anymore. But that tends to happen whenever I visit Gawker, who did all of the legwork and have more on the story, including additional emails.